Media Mix: Traditional vs Programmatic Buying?

Category: Platforms Posted at: 2016-08-18

There’s a reason programmatic is expected to grow nearly 1,000% in the next three years: It’s efficient. Written I/Os, phone calls, and working lunches were all hallmarks of traditional media buying, but nowadays many advertisers are choosing to automate the process. After all, who wouldn’t want to free up his or her calendar and make online buys that are more targeted and cost effective at the same time?

From 'Chaos Monkeys' Author Garcia Martinez, An Insider's Unvarnished Take On Facebook's Ad Business

Category: News Posted at: 2016-08-17

I had bet my entire social capital and career at Facebook on pushing programmatic forward, and when that got shot down, I got shot down," Garcia Martinez says. "Facebook just never understood programmatic in a deep way, and they always mistrusted it. They didn't like that they didn't have complete control over everything in the ad stack. And they didn't like that companies like MediaMath, Turn and TellApart had as much control over ad delivery as itself

The Buy-Side Guide To Header Bidding

Category: Platforms Posted at: 2016-08-17

If header bidding drives up prices for buyers, it’s possible that it’s balanced out through improved reach and quality. Header bidding also increases programmatic supply, making it easier to find and bid on consumers. But buyers are ambivalent about header bidding, which increases complexity, technology costs and – because it offers up the same impression to multiple exchanges at the same time – creates the potential to bid against oneself.

Programmatic Guaranteed: The Promises And Perils

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-08-17

Getting guaranteed access to brand-safe, premium inventory while also being able to overlay first- and third-party data, apply campaign-level frequency caps and choose which impressions to buy is an attractive proposition for any buyer. Sellers also see more ways to guarantee future revenue as a positive development.

Yield Management & Optimization for Publishers

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-08-07

As a publisher, your bottom line is to get the highest yield in return for your precious impressions. Small publishers have the luxury of testing, and scaling. However, as you grow to become a premium publisher, yield management, yield optimization, and overall ad operations can become cumbersome. We know a segment of big publishers who are more likely to outsource their ad optimization and testing. On the other hand, there are other publishers who are more comfortable having an in-house team of ad ops to manage their inventory.

A Well Organized Passback Strategy

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-08-07

When you run multiple ad networks, passbacks can be an absolute nightmare. You can make it easy on yourself and point all yourpassbacks to the same ad network and the same ad tag. This is the simplest strategy, however, it isn’t the most optimal strategy. Having such a strategy does not maximize your CPM. Your passback strategy has a huge impact on your overall average CPM. Therefore, getting lazy on your passback strategy is a huge missed opportunity. Plus, you won’t be able to track each ad network’s passbacks to make sure every ad impression is properly passing back.

10 Most Common Adsense Violations

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-08-07

While no one knows exactly how the Google AdSense team approves sites, their Help Pages and Product Forums are a wealth of information for publishers who want to get approved. As an AdSense partner, our company adheres to Google’s policies by screening sites first before we sign them up for Ad Exchange. We review sites on a daily basis and spot many policy violations.

Top 8 Ad Servers For Publishers

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-08-07

While most small businesses and individual bloggers probably don’t require an ad server as in most cases, ad networks would suffice, there are plenty of users ranging from marketers to large corporations who need it to gain better control over their advertisement campaigns. From tracking their ROI to visitor engagement, these eight ad servers represent the best of the 3rd party ad servers out there:

Google Augments AdWords To Meet Mobile Ad Demand

Category: Platforms Posted at: 2016-08-05

In a nod to mobile’s growing importance for advertisers and its own bottom line, Google on Tuesday unveiled AdWords updates and local ad formats to help marketers execute mobile-focused ad campaigns. Advertisers can now connect more widely with Google Maps users and give consumers more information in their text ads. Google also gave manufacturers access to its store visit measurement tool for tracking offline purchases against online activity. "For us, this year is all about mobile, but there is a very different tone to how we think about it,” said Google's SVP of ads and commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, at the company’s Performance Summit in San Francisco.

Facebook Brings Branded Video Ads To Audience Network

Category: Platforms Posted at: 2016-08-05

In a significant expansion of its video ad offering, Facebook will bring video ad formats to its Instant Articles platform and to the external apps and sites in its Audience Network, the company announced Monday. It's the first time the company will deliver video ads beyond its owned-and-operated properties – excluding its LiveRail video sell-side platform, largely discontinued. Video brand ads are available via the Audience Network and can be purchased on a cost-per-view (CPV) model, where a view is 10 seconds, as well as a traditional CPM model, according to Facebook’s ad tech lead, David Jakubowski.