The 8 Most Important Publisher Metrics: A Beginner’s Guide

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-09-20

Like you, I’m in the business of creating content. We both need content to attract new consumers, nurture current readers and grow our customer base. When I jumped into this role I went on a rampage of creating all kinds of one-off pieces for our Publisher Services team. After we had a month of content under our belts, my manager asked me to write up a report on how our content was performing. I pulled some reports in Google Analytics and our social media platforms and presented the data. We realized immediately that we were focusing on the wrong topics. It turns out that a majority of our readers were interested in a topic we had only briefly discussed. They were also coming in on mobile devices, not desktop...

10 Things Successful Publishers ALWAYS Do

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-09-20

You’ll hear this a lot in the world of online publishing. It is important to find a pace and stick with it. If you want to publish once a month, fine, publish once a month. Once a week? Great. Publish once a week. Once a day? Even better. Stick with it. However often you decide to publish, just be sure you can maintain that pace. Why is consistency so important? Your readers. They’re the most important part of your website. Without them, you just have a pretty page with cool content. When you begin to accumulate a steady flow of readers, they’ll become accustomed to not just the quality of the content, but to the quantity and timing as well. If you miss a post, or two, or three, you’ll lose readers. Don’t do that.

6 Things New Publishers Should NEVER Do

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-09-19

As a new and excited publisher of the Independent Web, you might be feeling excited — and maybe a little nervous. That’s a good thing; We not only want you to succeed, we want to give you the tools and the knowledge to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. We see thousands of sites every day and we thought it might help if we shared a sort of “dos and don’ts of online publishing” based on what we see. This is part one of a two-part installment.

What is Header Bidding?

Category: News Posted at: 2016-09-19

The question on everyone’s lips this year is “what is header bidding?” Header bidding is a huge advance for programmatic advertising. In this brief, we’ll go through how it works, what it means for publishers, and what to look out for, so you can decide if header bidding is for you. So What is header bidding? Header bidding is a technical optimization to programmatic advertising that enables publishers to offer their inventory to demand partners simultaneously, rather than sequentially, before sending the winning bid to their ad server.

5 Ways for Publishers to Get Retargeting Right

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-09-19

As a relatively new technology, site retargeting–the practice of serving targeted display ads to people who have previously visited your site—is often misunderstood and misused. At first, the misconceptions are usually positive. Unlike content or social media marketing, where initial results can be underwhelming, the early results from site retargeting often look quite incredible and far outpace other display techniques on the media plan. This makes sense: you have all these users who have visited your site and indicated intent to buy things, and you’re finally serving them display ads that compel them to return.

What is the Difference between Direct and Programmatic Sales?

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-09-19

Direct sales and programmatic sales are often discussed as competing functions within the publisher business model. However, the two channels are distinct enough that they should not compete with each other. In fact, the most successful publishers we work with have a strong aptitude for managing direct and programmatic sales alongside one another. In order to do so most effectively, it is important to understand the distinctions.

6 Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2016

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-09-19

2016 is already half over (gasp!) but it’s not too late to make money blogging in 2016. Here are 6 proven tactics to increase your blog’s revenue by the year’s end.

Fight Ad Blocking by Going LEAN

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-08-21

To pretty much just name the elephant in the room, people don’t like it when ads get in the way of their experience. Because they don’t like it, they resort to just doing away with all of them by ad blocking. This spells bad news for publishers because the more people use ad blockers, the less revenue is maximized. Every year the number of ad-block users grows, and recently ad blocking in mobile has been supported by Apple. Some say it will mean the death of the online ad industry. Some are even saying it will mean the end of the Internet as we know it.

How to Monetize Social Viral Sites

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-08-21

Social Viral Sites are one of the most common publisher models that sprout here and there because of their natural tendency to go viral. One thing common among social viral sites is their very high mobile traffic. Majority of these publishers also buy their traffic from different traffic acquisition partners. With social, being the dominant source of traffic, social viral sites should protect themselves from invalid activity coming from bot and other non human traffic.

What is the Right Media Mix? How Do You Determine This?

Category: Platforms Posted at: 2016-08-18

I think it’s a fair assumption that single-channel marketing is a thing of the past. Gone are the days of direct mail only, even for old-school publishers. Today’s media mix has to bridge a broad variety of channels that might include old-school outdoor and direct mail, as well as new fast-growing channels like mobile, social and every digital channel in between. So how can chief marketers determine the right mix for their organization across this ever-expanding set of options?