BidGear Native Advertising Benefits

Category: Platforms Posted at: 2017-10-25

Native advertising is an ad format naturally promoted within the flow of content. It is growing incredibly popular and prevalent. Our researches show that Native will generate 74% of ad revenue by 2021. The widespread trend is enormously appealing the giant media parties and BidGear is not an exception.

Why we do?

Native ads give higher brand lift and user engagement rate than traditional banner ads while utilizing all kinds of business. 

Native formats are proven to meet your various needs and goals from both publishers and advertisers. A publishers’ top concern is user retention while native formats deliver more non-intrusive and more context-sensitive formats compared with banners and interstitials for online experiences. 

Needless to say, increasing views from native ads mean increasing brand recognition and trust with customers, which drive more revenue for publishers and advertisers. 

Besides, our current fertile demand sources for banners and proprietary intelligent technology enable us to reach the overall content revenue potential.

How we do?

• Our advanced platform and precision targeting data deliver relevant ads to the right content to the targeted users.
• Each impression is bidden across our demand channels from largest Demand-Side Platforms, Ad Exchanges, Ad Networks worldwide.
• Through the workflow automation and yield management, we keep no traffic wasted. 
• We have our publishers covered with our vetted professionals in the industry.
• We made promise. We keep promise. We appear trustworthy.

What we offer our publishers? 

• 100% Fillrate Solutions for all GEOs and Devices
• Leading CPM and CTR rates via our premium and brand-safe demand sources
• Deliver relevant ads to the right people to acquire new audiences and increase higher user engagement
• Accelerate revenue growth with our superior ad optimization solutions
• Unbeatable payment policy Net-0 and Net-15 with a $1 minimum threshold