6 Best Practices for RTB

Category: Publishers Posted at: 2016-10-03

Smart Ad Server created a handy infographic showing 6 best practices for Real Time Bidding. What other tips would you recommend?

6 Best Practices for RTB


Infographic Summary

1. Have a Global Approach

Direct and programmatic sales. With holistic yield management, activate programmatic sales on each ad placement. Programmatic is not meant anymore for remnant inventory. The holistic approach enables to sell each ad impression to the sales channel that maximizes revenue while guaranteeing your direct sales commitments. Header bidding makes this possible.

2. Give priority to full transparency mode

Segment your audience and give buyers as much information as you can. 1/3 of buyers never bid on fully blind inventory. Don’t be afraid of cannibalization. You generally don’t reach the same campaigns on the direct or programmatic channel. Moreover, you have all necessary tools to manage buyers on both channels.

3. Think Multi-Screen

Adapt your programmatic strategy for each platform. Buyers do not bid the same way on mobile: adjust your RTB rules and especially floor prices depending on each support.

4. Regularly Monitor your Bid Floors and Blocklists

Once or twice a week is a good pace. It allows the identification of significant trends. Revenue can double in a short period of time. Give more granularity to your bid floor optimization by setting-up bid floor by format, advertiser and DSP.

5. Offer New Formats

Rich media and video ad formats give better performances than standard banners. Revenues benefit from that.

6. Go Further

Improve your strategy, connect with new buyers and set up preferred deals. RTB is about reaching new buyers and also identifying the best ones. Next step consists in granting additional rights to the best buyers thanks to preferred deals, in order to secure their performance.